What are customers saying about the new update?

"...the spam filtering has improved substantially... It's a winner!" - Todd Hays, ACS Software, Inc. - June 2009

"Huge improvement!... Whatever changes are in the firmware update and new filter revision, it is much appreciated!... Masterful!" - Graham Wing - June 2009

"Now THAT'S an improvement! If you haven't upgraded, you should... I am amazed and could not be happier." - Mike Copeland, Genesis Group, Inc. - June 2009

To read more about what customers have to say about the new update, feel free to visit the DS-200 user group at Yahoo.

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Product Review

By Brian Livingston of Windows Secrets

If you haven't read it yet and would like an outside perspective on the DS-200, be sure to read the product review at Windows Secrets.

The review covers the DS-200 product in great detail and describes a real world independent test of the device.

The review may be read online at Windows Secrets here.

DS-200 Firmware v0.8.937 Released

June 3, 2009 - DS-200 Firmware Released

New update includes the new Rev 7 filter and additional compatibility enhancements.

Rev 7 filter is the most accurate filter produced for the DS-200 to date.

The v0.8.937 update is freely available to all DS-200 customers.

For instructions on updating your DS-200 device's firmware see this knowledgebase article.

For instructions on setting your DS-200 device to use a different filter revision, see this knowledgebase article.

For details on the different filter revisions available within DS-200 devices, see this knowledgebase article.